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The kidneys are highly complex organs that control blood chemistry, blood pressure, and the amount of fluid in the body. They also keep the blood clean and chemically balanced. Acting as very efficient and specialised filters, they work to rid the body of waste and toxic substances and return vitamins, amino acids, glucose, hormones and other vital substances into the bloodstream.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an important contributor to morbidity can deliver the most comprehensive estimates of CKD burden to date.

Chronic Kidney Disease CKD regression is considered as an infrequent renal outcome, limited to early stages, and associated with higher mortality. However, prevalence, prognosis and the clinical correlates of CKD regression remain undefined in the setting of nephrology care. In multivariate regression analyses the regressor status was not associated with CKD stage. CKD regression occurs in about one-fourth patients receiving renal care in nephrology units and correlates with low proteinuria, BP and the absence of PKD.

This condition portends better renal prognosis, mostly in earlier CKD stages, with no excess risk for mortality. Chronic kidney disease CKD is traditionally considered an unremittingly progressive disease and early identification of risk factors predicting faster CKD progression is the centerpiece of current guidelines [ 1 ]. CKD regression is considered as an uncommon outcome in these patients.

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Your kidneys, each just the size of a computer mouse, filter all the blood in your body every 30 minutes. They work hard to remove wastes, toxins, and excess fluid. They also help control blood pressure, stimulate production of red blood cells, keep your bones healthy, and regulate blood chemicals that are essential to life. Kidneys that function properly are critical for maintaining good health, however, more than one in seven American adults are estimated to have chronic kidney disease CKD.

CKD is a condition in which the kidneys are damaged and cannot filter blood as well as they should. Because of this, excess fluid and waste from blood remain in the body and may cause other health problems, such as heart disease and stroke. CKD has varying levels of seriousness. It usually gets worse over time though treatment has been shown to slow progression.

If left untreated, CKD can progress to kidney failure and early cardiovascular disease.

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Held every year on the second Thursday in March, World Kidney Day is an awareness day that brings global attention to the importance of kidney health. In addition, one of the primary goals of the World Kidney Day is to educate the public about the management of CKD and to encourage people to consider kidney donation and transplants as an effective way to help those with kidney failure. Responsible for removing waste products from the human body by filtering the blood, regulating blood pressure, and producing critical life-sustaining hormones, kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located under a person’s rib, one on each side.

By helping the body excrete waste and excess fluid through urine, kidneys help optimize the composition of blood, keep bones strong, and help the body make red blood cells. Any breakdown in the function of the kidneys can lead to poor health at a minimum, and can be fatal at the extreme. Because of this, reducing the risk of kidney disease and failure is essential.

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For those of us with PKD, this can be a challenging topic, as most of us appear healthy on the outside. It is very important to be truthful and proud of who we are and everything that makes us unique and special.

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Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy HDP preeclampsia, gestational hypertension are associated with an increased risk of end-stage kidney disease ESKD. Preeclampsia was the main exposure of interest and was treated as a time-dependent variable. Gestational hypertension was also investigated as a secondary exposure. Cox proportional hazard regression models were used, adjusting for maternal age, country of origin, education level, antenatal BMI, smoking during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and parity.

Women with pre-pregnancy comorbidities were excluded. The final sample consisted of 1,, women who had 3,, singleton live births.

National Kidney Disease. Education Program. Name: Date: Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Tests Results. Why It Is Important. Serum Creatinine and Estimated.

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Disability Claims Process Video Series. Which disorders do we evaluate under these listings? We evaluate genitourinary disorders resulting in chronic kidney disease CKD.

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Many on dialysis find dating to be difficult because of the personal challenges they face with Chronic Kidney Disease CKD. Also some lose confidence because they are afraid that others may not want to date them in their condition. While many people would sympathize because they at least know someone with CKD, you may be afraid that most would not want to date someone with “ready-made” problems like yours.

Have you thought about looking at people who are around you and that you interact with every day? Consider adjusting your attitude about who you are looking for, and by accepting others for who they are you will be more at ease with your condition. After that people will begin to better fit into your life and positive relationships will just happen.

Remember CKD has a way of frequently making you look perfectly healthy even when you may be in a great amount of pain or misery. Therefore people may not understand why you are so often tired and not be able to get out much.

Manitoba Renal Program – eGFR Case 3: Progressing CKD

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